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The Farmer Family Has But One Mission “To Prepare And Bottle The Finest Wines For You To Enjoy!”

The Farmer Family has but one mission; “to prepare and bottle the finest wines for you to enjoy!”
But their mission isn’t complete until that bottle of hand-crafted premium wine is un-corked, its aroma smelled and its taste enjoyed.
Fiddlers Ridge Farms and Winery is based in Lake Wales Florida and is a local treasure. Company founders Gary and Cindy Farmer have been in the agriculture industry for over 30 years.
Following their namesake, the Farmer family started decade’s earlier budding and grafting citrus trees for Florida orchards. While busy with the trees, they soon began growing fruit crops-especially warm weather Florida blueberries.
Their expertise and success in growing blueberries led to a large surplus during one season and Gary, always up for something new, used this surplus to create his very first bottles of blueberry wine. The Farmer family and their friends loved Gary’s creation so much that it soon became apparent that Gary was on to something.
Today, Fiddlers Ridge Farms and Winery produces seven different wines, all hand-crafted using only Florida fresh and local ingredients. The lineup includes honey, peach and of course, their most noteworthy blueberry wine.
The Farmer family invites you to stop by and sample their wine at their wine-tasting bar and maybe pick-up a gift basket for friends or family.
Fiddlers Ridge Farms and Winery is located on the west side of US Highway 27, in the Longleaf Business Park, approximately two miles south of State Road 60 at 1750 Longleaf Blvd. Suite#4 in Lake Wales Florida.
They’re open Tuesday thru Saturday from 11AM to 6PM
For more info call (863) 676-8200 or email at [email protected]