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Kathleen High School Added to Open Shelters

Kathleen High School added to open shelters
Bartow, Fla. (September 9, 2017) —  Kathleen High School, at 1100 Red Devil Way and Highway 92 in Lakeland, is now open as a public shelter.
Polk County residents who live in manufactured and mobile homes, or in areas of the county that historically are prone to flooding following heavy rains, should evacuate and take advantage of open shelters during Hurricane Irma. The county’s mandatory evacuation includes people who live in manufactured and mobile homes, and areas of the county that are most vulnerable to flooding that include:
·        Itchepackesassa Creek, bordered by Deeson Road, the County Line, Ariana Street and Chestnut Street;
·        Gator Creek, in extreme northwest Polk bordered by the County Line on the north and west, Marcum Road on the south and Highway 33 on the east;
·        Lake Lowery’s northwest side of the lake;
·        Saddlebag Lake, and
·        River Ranch.
Please remember that you will need photo identification, a sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, medications, and personal hygiene items when coming to the shelter.
Polk County’s Citizen Information Line is available to call with questions at (863) 401-2234.