Joe Garrison Helps the Community Through His Florida Family-Owned Businesses

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Joe Garrison Helps the Community Through His Florida Family-Owned Businesses

By Allison Williams

Photos Provided by Joe Garrison

Joe Garrison, owner of Garrison Land Management Inc. and Garrison Property Services, LLC, works hard every day to attend to the needs of the community and to provide for his family. Exceptional customer service and treating others well are top priorities for Garrison’s businesses.

“I work for my kids to give them a future,” Garrison said. “I work for my employees to give them a job. I work so that I am able to help the needy.”

Garrison Land Management Inc.

For 31 years, Garrison has owned Garrison Land Management, a landscape design and maintenance company. With many companies like Garrison’s, what makes his stand out? Garrison’s company is a Florida family-owned business that relies on quality service as well as environmental enhancement. Keeping a lasting family business attitude is the driving force behind the company’s continual success.

Garrison Land Management has a ton to offer. Landscaping, irrigation, lawn maintenance, wells, pest control, lawn and shrub spraying, sod installation. You name it.

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Garrison Land Management is located at 28609 Hwy 27 North, Dundee, Florida 33838.



Garrison Property Services, LLC

For the past 10 years, Garrison has also owned Garrison Property Services, a full-service property management company for the Homeowner and Condominium Association. The company is aimed at serving all properties, big and small.

Much of the success of the company comes from Garrison’s staff. He has a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who put communicating with homeowners as a priority.

He also credits the success to having a good name, good brand and good product.

Garrison believes the best way to assess a property is by getting out to the property and assessing hands-on. Separating each client and finding a plan suitable to his/her needs is the key to property management success. Garrison Property Services offers various management and accounting options.

Just to name a few, Garrison Property Services offers full-service accounting, excellent customer service, qualified and licensed managers, financial planning and regular property inspections.

“We are very honest and straightforward, especially when we are managing it,” Garrison said. “We just have a good foundation in what we do.”

Garrison Property Services is also located at 28609 Hwy 27 North, Dundee, Florida 33838.

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Not only does Garrison manage these two large companies, he is also active with the Dundee Volunteer Fire Department, grows citrus lemons commercially, is an elected official of the Polk Soil and Water Conservation Board and member of the Winter Haven Rotary Club.

“I enjoy being busy,” Garrison said. He has been hard at work for many years.

“I was 17 years old when I saw the Dundee Fire Department on the side of the road fighting a brush fire,” Garrison said. “I pulled over and probably watched them for 45 minutes.” It was then that he realized then he wanted to be a fire fighter. Garrison has been the assistant chief at the Dundee Fire Department for around 12 years now.

Helping the community is important to Garrison, just as family is. His parents were a part of the citrus grove industry while he was growing up.

“I’ve always had a love for citruses,” Garrison said. “Citruses are very important to Florida. I know I’m a minnow in a big pond of citrus growers but I believe that every little bit helps.”

Everything that Garrison does links back to helping others and the community.