Family & Friends Mourn The Sudden Loss Of 5 Yr Old Haines City Boy From Rare Genetic Disorder

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Haines City, Florida – Luisgabriel Lopez Maldonado was a sweet 5 year old little boy who attended kindergarten at Alta Vista Elementary in Haines City. Sadly Luisgabriel passed away on September 14th from a rare genetic disorder.

An excerpt from his obituary: Despite his young age, Luisgabriel left many pleasant memories. Singing and dancing were the best things he liked, especially the music of Kodak Black. Every time he had a cell phone, he would record videos of himself singing and take many selfies. He was a very sociable child, studious and cheerful. When he was at home, he liked to play with his brothers, watch cartoons like “Paw Patrol”, play PlayStation and on his Tablet. Luisgabriel also liked to go out to eat and one of his favorite foods was “arroz chino”. He also loved going to the beach with his family.

Luisgabriel was one of 4 brothers. He sadly lost his dad, Cristian López Medina on his 1st birthday in 2014. His mother works diligently being the sole provider for the family.

According to a family friend Luis got sick two weeks ago from what his mom thought was stomachache/constipation. He had been vomiting, not eating well, just typical signs of what anyone would think is just typical sick kid. His mom took him to the doctor and they gave him medication (at this time they didn’t know what he had xray showed he was constipation). The next day he was lethargic and was taken to the hospital. The staff initially thought he was having an epileptic seizures.

At that moment when trying to control/stop his seizures a doctor said “lets check his ammonia levels”. Something that is rarely checked, usually its done in newborn screening or someone who take aspirins daily (Luisgabriel never had aspirin). The test showed the levels of his ammonia were 1800 when normally should be 80-95 for a child his age.Luis was admitted into the ICU and 3 days later they diagnosed him with ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC) deficiency. OTC is a rare metabolic disorder, OTC is one of the urea-cycle disorders. The urea cycle is a series of five liver enzymes that help rid the body of ammonia, a toxic breakdown product of protein. When one of these enzymes is missing or deficient, ammonia accumulates in the blood and travels to the brain, causing coma, brain damage and death. Doctors did everything to control his ammonia but sadly the damage to his brain caused by the ammonia being too high was done. On Friday 9/14/2018 a day before his mothers birthday he passed away.

Family and friends gathered for his service on Friday, September 21, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. at Santa Ana Catholic Church in Haines City, FL.

The family has set up a gofundme account to help with funeral costs and expenses https://www.gofundme.com/in-memory-of-luisito-lopezmaldonad .