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Polk County Sheriff’s Office Seeking Information on Two Robbery Suspects


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PCSO Robbery Detectives Seeking Information On Two Robbery Suspects
On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, Polk County Sheriff’s Office Robbery detectives arrested 18-year-old Trey Deshawn Hobdy, 2880 Dudley Drive, Bartow, charging him with Armed Burglary, 2 counts of Grand Theft, 3 counts of Grand Theft with Firearm, 2 counts of Petit Theft, 4 counts of Burglary, Tampering with Evidence and Possession of Cannabis less than 20 grams.
Also arrested was 19-year-old Traquavios McKenzie, 2865 Dudley Drive, Bartow.  McKenzie is charged with 2 counts Armed Robbery with Firearm, Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery, Armed Burglary, 2 counts Grand Theft, 3 counts of Grand Theft of Firearm, 2 counts of Petit Theft, 4 counts of Burglary, and Tampering with Evidence.
Both are being held on no bond.
Two additional suspects are being sought.  Those suspects are:
17-year-old Mitchel O’Neal, 2952 Morris Drive, Bartow
18-year-old Jaccarion Gray, 2964 Warfield Drive, Bartow
Both O’Neal and Gray have active warrants for Armed Robbery and Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery.
Through their investigation, PCSO Robbery detectives learned that at approximately 12:30 am, on Monday, March 28, 2016, Hobdy and McKenzie stole a white work van from Lake Alfred.  The suspects then traveled to the Bartow area where between 1:30 am and 3:20 am, the suspects burglarized five vehicles in one neighborhood; one vehicle was an unmarked PCSO vehicle.  The next day, McKenzie, Gray and O’Neal using a firearm stolen from the vehicle burglaries, committed one Robbery and attempt a second.
During the burglary to the PCSO vehicle, Hobdy and McKenzie pried open the lock box inside and removed an agency vest, two agency issued firearms (Glock handgun and Remington shotgun), a personal AR15, and other miscellaneous items.
At approximately 1:45 am on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, McKenzie, Gray, and O’Neal attempted an armed robbery in Winter Haven Police Departments jurisdiction, in which the victims fled from the suspects.  One of the suspect, using the stolen shotgun, fired into the victims’ vehicle.  There were no reported injuries.  The suspects were seen in the stolen van during this incident.
At approximately 1:59 am, on Tuesday, McKenzie, Gray, and O’Neal committed an armed robbery at a residence on the 4300 block of Scott Drive.  The victims cooperated giving up their personal property.  The suspects were again seen in the stolen van during this incident.
At approximately 2:21 am on Tuesday, a PCSO supervisor observed the stolen van which seemed to be following a light blue Pontiac.  The supervisor attempted to pursue the van as the Pontiac traveled in a different direction.  The suspect inside the van fled on foot in the area 2901 Dudley Drive and the stolen van was recovered.  It is believed the other three suspects were in the Pontiac.
At 3:30 am, on March 28, 2016, McKenzie and Hobdy were seen entering the Circle K located at 4980 Spirit Lake Road, less than three miles from the area of the burglary neighborhood.  The suspects threw personal items belonging to the victims into the store’s dumpster which was later discovered by two citizens.
Detectives were able to positively identify McKenzie, who had an active Polk County warrant for Armed Robbery, and Hobdy from store video.
On March 29 2016, Hobdy was located at his residence where several of the stolen items were located.  McKenzie was located walking along the street nearby. Both were transported to the Polk County jail.
McKenzie confessed to both robberies.  Detectives learned Hobdy was not involved in the robberies committed on March 29, however, he did confess to a robbery of a Papa John’s Pizza in November of 2015 in Winter Haven’s jurisdiction. 
Detectives are asking for the public’s help in locating O’Neal and Gray.  Anyone with information in their whereabouts is urged to contact the PCSO at 863.298.6200.
ANYONE WITH INFORMATION WHO WANTS TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS AND BE ELIGIBLE FOR A CASH REWARD IS ASKED TO CALL 1-800-226-TIPS or LOG ONTO www.heartlandcrimestoppers.com. ANONYMITY IS GUARANTEED! iPhone and Droid users can download a free tip submit app to anonymously report crime. To install these free apps, please visitwww.tipsoft.com.
Both O’Neal and Gray have extensive criminal arrest histories.
O’Neal’s criminal arrest history includes the following:
11/7/11            LPD     Larceny grand theft
11/25/11          PCSO Burglary unoccupied, larceny, grand theft
1/3/14              PCSO Failure to appear warrant
6/29/14            PCSO Burglary occupied, unarmed 
Gray’s criminal arrest history includes the following:                                              
4/13/10            BPD    Petit theft
12/28/10          PCSO Assault on Leo/fire/emt, trespassing, obstruction
3/4/11              PCSO Burglary, larceny grand theft, larceny grand theft firearm, VOP
5/2/11              PCSO Corrupt public official
6/5/11              PCSO Marijuana
10/1/12            PCSO Burglar, larceny grand theft, trespassing, larceny petit theft, VOP
9/6/13              WHPD VOP
2/10/14            PCSO Obstruction, VOP
3/20/14            PCSO VOP
4/8/14              PCSO VOP
5/8/14              PCSO Larceny grand theft of firearm, petit theft, marijuana, para, VOP
9/18/14            BPD    Trespass school grounds, VOP
6/5/15              PCSO Marijuana, paraphernalia, VOP
The investigation is ongoing.  
McKenzie – In Custody
Hobdy – In Custody