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Have you heard of Pokémon Go? Sure you have! If not, here’s a quick thumbnail of what it is and how to stay safe.


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Have you heard of Pokémon Go? Sure you have! If not, here’s a quick thumbnail of what it is and how to stay safe.

pokemon go

Pokémon Go is a phone app that is downloaded to smart phones. Much like geocaching, it’s a “seek & find” game encouraging the user to get out and locate the various characters. The app uses augmented reality by tapping your phone’s camera to superimpose Pokémon characters in the real world.


The app has been downloaded more than a million times since it was released last week. The intent of the game is for fun and a lot of people are enjoying the adventure. But as with most things, with fun can come with dangers. (Remember, there are people behind the placement of certain characters and sometimes this can lead to a dangerous situation.)

Although there have been no reported incidents in Winter Haven, across the United States, the game has led to people being lured into situations that have been dangerous, such as being robbed. In fact, a teen found a dead body in Wyoming while playing the game.

With that in mind, the Winter Haven Police Department is giving a few tips while playing the game:

  1. It is advisable to stay in areas that you know and not wander into a location that is unfamiliar to you.
    2. Never venture out with the game alone. Besides, participating in this with a group is much more fun!
    3. The game should NOT be used while driving. This is a new form of distracted driving, which could potentially be a dangerous problem.
    4. If you are walking around Winter Haven, please stop before crossing the street or entering crosswalks. Drivers do not know you are playing Pokémon Go. Use caution.
    5. While in our parks or walking along the trails, remember to be considerate of those around you and please don’t trample the bushes!
    6. We want everyone to be safe and have fun. However, if you see something suspicious, please be sure to call us. You can help us with Crime Prevention throughout our wonderful city!


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