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Winter Haven Couple Arrested After PCSO Detectives Learn Alleged Stalking Claim Was Bogus

Winter Haven Couple Arrested After PCSO Detectives Learn Alleged Stalking Claim Was Bogus
24-year-old Brianna Lang of Winter Haven is charged with Knowingly Giving False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer, and False Information to LEO During an Investigation.  Her husband, 27-year-old James Bradley Lang is charged with Domestic Violence – Strangulation, and Domestic Violence Battery.  Both were booked into the Polk County Jail late Friday, July 29, 2016.
As previously reported, Brianna Lang made a report of an alleged attack and stalking to PCSO detectives on July 14, 2016. (In the original report, Brianna’s name was withheld per Florida State Statute 119 pertaining to victims of staking. 
Her name is now released due to the claim being false and her subsequent arrest.  However, her address and that of her husband who resides with her, is withheld per FSS 119 as a result of the Brianna being the victim of Domestic Violence at the hands of her husband, James.)
On multiple occasions; July 14th, July 19, July 22nd, July 26th and July 28th, Brianna gave detectives specific details about a person whom she said came into her fenced backyard when she was mowing and attacked her telling detectives she was able to fight back and get away.  Brianna Lang also told detectives the alleged attacker stalked her, showing up at several businesses around Winter Haven.
She even provided photos of a black male leaning against a car whom she claimed was the alleged suspect and “helped” detectives with a composite drawing of her “attacker.”  At no time during the previous interactions with detectives did Brianna Lang report her husband had battered her.
On Friday, July 29th, detectives learned Brianna’s co-workers had confronted her on two different occasions when they noticed obvious injuries and were concerned.  Detectives asked Brianna about these reports and she admitted she had lied about the attack and that her husband James had choked her.  Detectives learned James had battered Brianna in May and again earlier this month.  Brianna told detectives the “attacker” she described had been a random customer at her work location who had commented to her, “You should smile more.”
Brianna Lang is being held on $1000 bond; $500 per count.  James Lang is being held on NO bond.


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