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Polk County Fire Rescue Employees Graduate EMT and Paramedic Programs

PCFR employees graduate EMT and Paramedic programs
BARTOW, Fla. (August 12, 2016) – Five Polk County Fire Rescue (PCFR) employees are one step closer to becoming a paramedic and three PCFR Proactive Diversity Recruitment and Training Program (PDRTP) recruits will soon serve the county.
PDRTP is designed to help increase diversity within the PCFR workforce. The PDRTP is a necessary and strategic response by Polk County Board of County Commissioners to meet the demands of Polk’s diverse population.
Kelly Mutis, Kristen Elam, Tyler Weaver, Morgan Vittone and Aaron Mohamed are the five Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) level employees who on Wednesday, August 10, graduated the paramedic program at Polk State College (PSC). In July, Jeff Fussell, Kevin Shierman, Dean Hrobar, Lance Meachum and Cody Harden graduated from the paramedic program at South Florida State College (SFSC).
The ten PCFR employees who completed SFSC and PSC paramedic programs recently will now need to pass the state test. After passing the state test, they will then have to successfully pass in-house training in order to work as a PCFR paramedic. During the training, they’ll learn medical protocols and procedures specific to Polk County’s pre-hospital emergency medical system. The training culminates with an oral test with Paul Banerjee, DO, who is the medical director for Polk County Fire Rescue.
C.D. Williams, Arthur Thigpen and Antionette Stewart are the PDRTP recruits who graduated the EMT program. They’ll still have to pass the state board test before they can work as an EMT for PCFR. Two of them, Williams and Thigpen, will go on to fire academy. After they complete fire school, they’ll work as a firefighter/EMT for the county.
PDRTP EMT Graduates from Polk State College
C.D. Williams plans to become a firefighter/EMT. He’s scheduled to complete fire school in December.
Arthur Thigpen also plans to become a firefighter/EMT. He too is scheduled to complete fire school in December.
Antionette Stewart plans to work on a PCFR ambulance once she passes the state board test.
Paramedic program graduates from Polk State College
Kelly Mutis has worked with PCFR since January 6, 2014. She started her career at PCFR through the PDRPT program and is currently an EMT.
Kristen Elam has worked with PCFR since November 12, 2013. She is currently a firefighter/EMT.
Tyler Weaver has worked with PCFR since October 14, 2013. He is currently a firefighter/EMT.
Morgan Vittone has worked with PCFR since August 10, 2015. She is currently an EMT.
Aaron Mohamed has worked with PCFR since November 12, 2013. He is currently an EMT.
Paramedic program graduates from South Florida State College
Jeff Fussell has worked with PCFR since January 13, 2008. He is currently a fire battalion chief. He was also elected and served as class president for the group.

Kevin Shierman has worked with PCFR since January 14, 2008. He is currently a fire training captain. At the graduation he received the “Most Heart” award. This award is given to those who always go above and beyond to lend a helping hand.

Dean Hrobar has worked with PCFR since April 22, 1996. He is currently a fire lieutenant. At the graduation he was recognized for having the highest GPA, beating Lt. Meachum by only 0.03 of a point.

Lance Meachum has worked with PCFR since September 25, 2006. He is currently a fire lieutenant.

Cody Harden has been a part-time PCFR employee since October 26, 2015. He is currently a firefighter/EMT.


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