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Winter Haven Man Allegedly Tried To Lure Minor Into Having Sex With Him


Timmy Culvahouse

Winter Haven, Florida – The Polk County Sheriffs Office has arrested and charged Timothy Culvahouse (DOB: 12/24/1966) with Lewd Molestation, Use Of Computer To Seduce, Solicit, Lure Child, Use 2-Way Communication To Commit Felony and Cause A Child To Commit Delinquency. Deputies began the investigating after allegations were made that Culvahouse, Dillion St. Winter Haven, had solicited sex from a 14-15 year old minor. According to the arrest affidavit deputies did a forensic investigation on the victim’s phone and found multiple text allegedly from Culvahouses phone. In many Culvahouse allegedly was offering money to the victim in exchange for sex. According to the affidavit it does appear that the victim asked for money from Culvahouse in small amounts, but refused to have sex with him. In one reported exchange Culvahouse was going to get the girl a place to stay so she could run away from home in exchange he allegedly wanted sex. The victim refused and said she didn’t feel comfortable “I’m 15 and your how old? In your 50s.” to which Culvahouse allegedly replied “No 40s”. Culvahouse allegedly requested photo’s of the teen body on 5 separate occasions, which the victim never did. On one such text Culvahouse allegedly referenced a time when him and the victim were together in his truck. The victim had text Culvahouse to borrow $10. Culvahouse allegedly responded “I can. But u have to atleast let me feel it like I did that one day in the truck”. According to the affidavit the victim advised deputies that Culvahouse allegedly rubbed her groin area, over cloths, while in his truck one time. When she asked him to stop he did. The victims mother allegedly was outside of the truck at the time, unaware.

When deputies confronted Culvahouse regarding the texts and allegations he denied sending them and blamed his son. Culvahouse advised he only gave money to the victims mother. Deputies concluded enough probable cause to arrest Culvahouse. He was transported to Polk County Jail and later released on bond.