Polk County Sheriff’s Office Working Fatal Crash On 98

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Highlands City, Florida –  At approximately 4:10 p.m. this afternoon a crash occurred on US 98 approximately 500 Yards South of Smith Lane (south of the 540A intersection), Highlands City. The crash involved three vehicles with one person who was ejected and subsequently declared deceased by Polk County Fire/Medics on the scene.
US 98 in the area of the crash is a 6 lane highway with a grass median and grass shoulders with break down lanes on the outside edges. It was daylight with clear visibility at the time of the crash.

Interviews and physical evidence shows that a Green Jeep Cherokee driven by 33-year-old Amanda M. Robinson of Wachula was driving northbound on US 98 at a high rate of speed. As it approached another vehicle, the Cherokee drove off the right (east) shoulder onto the grass as it passed other vehicles. The driver of Cherokee lost control, at which time it began to rotate counter clockwise in a northwest direction. It rotated across the grass shoulder and three northbound lanes. Upon entering the center median, the Cherokee began to flip in a “barrel roll” as it continued northwest. During the roll, Ms. Robinson was ejected into the southbound lanes of travel. At the same time as the Cherokee was coming across the median, a Silver Chevrolet Pick-up truck driven by 56-year-old Charles Thivierge of Lakeland and a Black Ford pick-up truck driven by 34-year-old Sommer N. Coy of Bartow (with her daughter as a passenger, 6-year-old Autumn Coy), were southbound on US 98. The Ford was in the le
ft (inside) lane and the Chevrolet was slightly behind it in the center lane. Both drivers saw the Cherokee coming across the median and attempted to move to the right.  The Ford was struck by debris from the Cherokee receiving moderate damage to its driver side. The Chevrolet struck Ms. Robinson as she was ejected into his path of travel. The Cherokee came to final rest in the outside lane of northbound US 98, facing west. The other two vehicles involved came to a controlled stop on the west shoulder of southbound 98.

Detectives determined that Ms. Robinson was not seat belted and her vehicle airbags did not deploy. Mr. Thivierge was seat belted and his front airbags deployed. Ms. Sommer Coy and Autumn Coy were seat belted. The airbags in their vehicle did not deploy. Polk County Fire/EMS transported the Coys to Bartow Regional Medical Center with minor injuriesthey were later released.

Excessive speed and reckless driving on the part of Ms. Robinson appear to be factors in this crash.

Traffic on U.S. 98 in both directions was congested during the traffic crash investigation. Southbound lanes were closed for approximately 4 hours during the investigation and traffic was re-routed. Traffic flow was restored at approximately 8:45 p.m.


  • Kelli Kelz

    1 vehicle, she lost control and over corrected causing her vehicle to flip several times. Driver was ejected through the windshield and is deceased.

  • Mendy Massey

    This is my sister!!!!! You cannot possibly fathom what our family is going through and then you post some heartless crap like that!!! You are a horrible horrible person but I pray you never know what we are going through. God have mercy on those who have no souls!!

  • Cassie

    Your a stupid and Ignorant on-of-a-b!tch. Nowhere in the article did it say that she intentionally was trying to pass vehicles on the grass shoulder. she came up on the vehicle in front of her too fast and tried to avoid a pending accident causing her to lose control of her jeep. Your inconvenience is nothing compared to loss of life

    • Mendy Massey

      Thank you for your post

    • Defiant*one

      Cassie take some college courses in English for spelling, grammar, & proof reading… “on-of-a-bitch” WTH does that mean…I can only wonder if you all got in such an uproar when Dylann Roof walked into that South Carolina church & killed all those black people? When one of you all die, & someone says some ignorant mess it’s a tragedy, but when someone black dies & some white ignorant racists does what I did you all could care less. I made my statement as a statistical response. I have read comments about black people dying or getting killed that were far worse than what I said. Maybe what I said will get you all to thinking. Now you all know how it feels.

  • Mendy Massey

    Penny, I’m not sure how it works but I have blocked that scumbag jackass. Amanda was a beautiful person and my baby sister. She lit up the the world. Today, our world is darker without her smile. But she rests now. She is at peace. I love and miss her so very, very much.

  • James Massey

    Hey defiant*one how about you and me meet up to discuss this a little more ?

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