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Baby Osprey Rescued By Polk County Firefighters

Baby Osprey Rescued By Polk County Firefighters
Bartow, Fla. (June 13, 2017) — A baby osprey that fell from its perch was returned to its nest by Polk County Fire Rescue firefighters.
Firefighters were told the juvenile fell from the nest a couple days earlier. Residents who live in Indian Lake Estates were monitoring its progress, but the bird wasn’t old enough to fly and needed to be returned to its perch.
The residents then asked the firefighters at Indian Lake Estates station 960 to assist. Capt. Paul Shannon, Engineer Keith Jenkins and Firefighter Tyler Rucker used a bucket truck provided by the Indian Lake Estates homeowners association to reunite the bird to its home.
As crews pulled away, the osprey’s parents flew over to check on the juvenile. 
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