HC-130 “Hercules” Airplane Spotted in Lake Wales

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HC-130 “Hercules” Airplane Spotted in Lake Wales 

By Allison Williams

(not actual photo)

Over the last couple of weeks there have been reports of a United States Coast Guard plane flying low over the Lake Wales region.

These reports have been confirmed by a U.S. Coast Guard officer that it was in fact a HC-130 “Hercules” Airplane flying over the Chalet Suzanne and Lake Starr area in Lake Wales.

Here is a confirmation message from Petty Officer 1st Class Michael De Nyse,

Coast Guard spokesperson:

“A crew aboard a Coast Guard HC-130 airplane was conducting a training evolution at Lake Wales Municipal Airport. The Coast Guard trains daily to ensure we are mission ready for a multitude of search and rescue situations.”

The Lake Wales Municipal Airport is located at 450 S Airport Road, Lake Wales, FL 33859.

This is a public-use airport.

To clarify how low the plane was actually flying, Petty Officer 1st Class Michael De Nyse added:

“On the 11th, A HC-130 Hercules crew was returning from Patrick AFB and transitioned through Lake Wales area at 1000 to 1500’.  They were definitely not at 500’ or lower at any point (outside of the approach) as there are multiple towers in that area ranging from 400’ to 650’.”