Two Brothers Charged With 6 Counts Of Attempted Murder After Auburndale & Winter Haven Shooting Spree

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Polk County Sheriffs Office Press Release

Two brothers arrested after driving around in a stolen truck shooting at occupied vehicles in the Auburndale and Winter Haven area

During the evening hours of Friday, September 28, 2018, Polk County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 25-year-old Shawn Whitten of Sand Mountain Loop in Auburndale, and his brother 19-year-old Brett Crosby of Woodland Avenue in Lakeland, after the pair drove around in a stolen truck, shooting at occupied vehicles, before crashing the truck and fleeing.

One vehicle was occupied by a woman and her three children, ages 6, 5, and 1 year old. The other two vehicles had just drivers inside. Miraculously, nobody was injured.

“Thanks to our cooperation with the Auburndale Police Department, a tight perimeter, and people who saw something, and immediately said something, we took these brazen brothers into custody before they killed someone. It is a miracle nobody was shot.” – Grady Judd, Sheriff.

They are both being charged with 6 counts attempted murder with a firearm, among other charges.