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One Person Killed In Shooting At Army Navy Store In Lakeland

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Lakeland, Florida – The Lakeland Police Department is currently Investigating a shooting where one person has been killed.

The shooting occurred around 2:30pm Wednesday afternoon at 819 N FL Ave / Vets Army Navy Surplus. Lakeland police confirm an altercation inside the store lead to the shooting.

When police arrived they found, 50-year-old Cristobal Lopez, male, at the entrance of the store with gunshot wounds.

According to statements, Lopez entered the store with his father. As his father was making a purchase, store owner Michael Dunn reportedly witnessed Lopez trying to steal a hatchet. Dunn, who is a Lakeland City Commissioner and also co-owner of Vets Army Navy Surplus, got into a confrontation with Lopez. That confrontation lead to Dunn shooting Lopez. Specific details of the confrontation are still not available, but multiple witnesses are being interviewed along with any video evidence.

The incident is still under investigation with the State Attorney’s Office involved along with the Medical Examiner’s Office.