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All Haines City Officers Certified to Administer Narcan


All Haines City Officers Certified to Administer Narcan

 HAINES CITY, FL – For the first time, all non-administrative sworn members of the Haines City Police Department are now certified to administer Naloxone.

Better known by the brand name Narcan, Naloxone is an anti-opioid drug that can prevent overdose deaths from opioids, which can include prescription pills and heroin. The drug can be injected into muscles under the skin, through an IV or through the nasal passages.

Since first acquiring the drug via grants late in 2017, officers and Police Department staff have used the drug seven times. In addition to the officers, seven civilian members are also or will soon be certified in administering Narcan.

“I can say unequivocally that our officers have saved lives using Narcan,” Police Chief Jim Elensky said. “This is just one more way that our brave men and women help keep this community safe.”

The Haines City Police Department has 56 sworn officers. The most recent training was completed on Dec. 14. There were eight participants.

Through grants, the Police Department has saved more than $3,000 when it comes to Narcan purchases. The department has acquired 43 total kits, which each include two doses, at no cost to Haines City taxpayers or detriment to the Police Department or city budgets.

“If we had it our way, we would never have to use the Narcan,” Elensky said. “Unfortunately that’s not the case, but giving individuals another chance at life will hopefully be what it takes for many to get clean once and for all. This is not only for the protection of the public, but the people who come to work here every day as well.”