Man Killed With His Own Weapon After Assaulting & Threatening To Kill Another Man

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Haines City Police Department Press Release

HAINES CITY, FL – Based on current preliminary evidence, Devonte Duga, 25, is not facing any
charges from the Haines City Police Department for a shooting that took place Sunday afternoon.
Duga fatally shot Furious Shell, 26, outside Family Discount Supermarket, known locally as the ‘Cuban
Store’, 1604 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way, about 3:15 p.m. The shooting stemmed from an incident
in which Shell allegedly stole another man’s wallet inside the store. Shell was confronted by both the
man and a store employee and began making threats.
Duga was present in the store at the time and began a verbal argument with Shell in defense of the
employee. The argument escalated outside the store, in which Shell threatened to kill Duga while
showing a handgun. Duga attempted to go back inside the business, but Shell blocked the door and
pushed Duga.

Shell struck Duga twice in the head with the gun and a struggle for the weapon followed. Duga was able
to take the weapon from Shell and fired four times, striking Shell with each of the four shots.
Both men were taken to Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center. Shell was pronounced dead at 4:13
p.m. Sunday. Duga was treated for injuries and released.

“This is a truly unfortunate event,” Chief Jim Elensky said. “Our thoughts are with all of those involved
and their families.”

Duga cooperated throughout the investigation and gave statements, including that he was in fear for his
life, consistent with witness accounts and limited surveillance footage. The investigation is ongoing.
“Our relationship with this community is something that is very important to us,” Elensky said. “We
implore anyone that may have any additional information about this case to please come forward.”