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Grove Roots Celebrates Third Annual Christmas Party


Grove Roots Celebrates Third Annual Christmas Party

by James Coulter

There’s no place like home for the holidays. For many Winter Haven residents, Grove Roots is almost like a second home to them. Last Saturday, they celebrated being home at their second home for the holidays during its annual Christmas party.

Craft beer, food trucks, and live music could be enjoyed at the Third Annual Grove Roots Christmas Party on Saturday evening. From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., patrons could enjoy the musical stylings of the “Smith Family Special” featuring Winter Haven’s own Hunter, Sarah-Claire & Squire Smith!

As always, they could also enjoy a good meal with good drinks by partaking of the food trucks outside and the craft beer being served inside. The packing house was especially packed that evening, as there was a slight drizzle followed by rain that evening.

For the past three years, Grove Roots has served as the unofficial backyard of Downtown Winter Haven, drawing in locals of all ages to play upon the open lawn, enjoy fresh food from the food trucks, and drink their fill of specialty craft beer brewed fresh at the brewery.

The local community especially comes together during major holidays for their annual holiday celebrations, from their Spooktacular Halloween Party to their Beer Thankful Thanksgiving Eve Party. Grove Roots will also be open on Christmas Eve until 8 p.m. Until then, their holiday festivities have concluded for the year with New Year’s around the corner.

Morgan Wilson, Director of Marketing, enjoys how the event not only draws people into their facility, but also draws people together from across the community for good times and good drinks, regardless of their age—though only those of drinking age can enjoy the good drinks, of course!

“So we are very happy for the turnout thus far,” she said. “It brings everyone together, everyone comes home for the holiday, and we get to see people we have not seen all year.”