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Circle K Customer Shatters Glass Door and Gets A Free Ride To Jail After He Pitches Fit Over Lack of Funds To Pay For His Items

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Release by Winter Haven Police Department:
No Money To Pay? Break A Door And Go To Jail!
Twenty-two year-old Jacob Martin found out that when you don’t have money for your purchases, kicking a door and shattering the glass isn’t the best option.
Last night, Jacob was attempting to purchase some items at the Circle K at the corner of Cypress Gardens Blvd. and Cypress Gardens Rd. After the cashier rang up the items, Jacob discovered he didn’t have enough money. Well, not really liking the lack of money aspect and the fact the store clerk wouldn’t change the amount, Jacob pushed the items over the counter towards the cashier and then proceeded to pitch another fit as he went towards the door. His belligerent behavior resulted in him kicking the glass door shattering it causing $800 worth of damage.
Officers were quickly on scene and gave Jacob the FREE ride to enjoy a wonderful stay at the Polk County Jail where he can mull over his actions and the consequences.
Hmmm, if he couldn’t pay for the items at the store, one wonders if he can pay the $500 bail.